The Problem

Protecting the skin from the sun should be easy. However, the exact calculation of the protection time after applying the sunscreen is not trivial. It is calculated from the self-protection time of the individual skin type and the sunscreen applied. Failure to observe the calculated protection time or lack of knowledge can lead to a long-term skin disease - skin melanoma - or skin cancer.

The rate of skin cancer has been rising steadily for the past decades. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that around two to three million new cases of light skin cancer and more than a quarter of a million new cases of malignant melanoma occur every year worldwide.

The Vision

This website should offer a simple and free-of-charge tool to quickly find accessible information about the skin type and the protection time. With the appropriate know-how and the technical expertise, the danger of the next sunburn can be kept to a minimum.

The Idea

Developed during my holidays, I had the idea to create a website to reduce the danger of sunburn. 

Especially at the beginning of the holiday season and during cloudy conditions many people forget to apply sunscreen. This also happened to my friends. So I came to the decision to develop a website that points out the dangers of excessive exposure to sunlight. In addition, the user should be given the opportunity to find out the individual skin type and how to calculate the protection time in combination with the sunscreen used. 
To determine the skin type, I created a test using a third party plugin. 
To calculate the protection time I developed a specific calculator, which calculates the individual theoretical time period in the sun. This is standardized, which means it does not include further factors like reflections (e.g. in the water or in the snow and in the sand) as well as with a higher UV index as it occurs in the tropics, in the Mediterranean Sea or in the high mountains.
In the case of an official publication of the project, I consider releasing an app (Android/iOS) as well.

Disclaimer of liability

All information without guarantee. The data given are approximate values and may vary from person to person. The times mentioned vary as soon as sunscreen comes into contact with water. In addition, the respective seasons, locations such as directly at or in the water or in the mountains (snow) reduce the protection time enormously. All data are average values and cannot be used reliably for the individual person. Always protect yourself sufficiently.
For legal questions, please check the Legal Disclosure.