Type II

Skin Type II should prefer shadows, especially at noon. Wear a hat with neck protection and dress your arms and upper body appropriately. You should also protect your nose, ears and lips and use sunglasses with appropriate UV protection. Your self-protection time is 10-20 minutes. For a UV index of 3-4, use a sun protection factor of 10–15. For a UV index of 9+, use a sun protection factor of 20–25. And don't forget to apply sunscreen regularly. These are estimations, use enough sun protection and sunscreen!

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Disclaimer of liability

All information without guarantee. The data given are approximate values and may vary from person to person. The times mentioned vary as soon as sunscreen comes into contact with water. In addition, the respective seasons, locations such as directly at or in the water or in the mountains (snow) reduce the protection time enormously. All data are average values and cannot be used reliably for the individual person. Always protect yourself sufficiently.